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Mike Kiger started KC Bird Whisperer Taming & Grooming Services approximately 2007. By inspiration of a client Mike developed the business in the local Kansas City Metro area to include bird taming, grooming and boarding services.

Mike started the KC Bird Whisperer Facebook Business page approximately 2010. Promoted the social media page heavily years later about 2013. Currently near 2000 Facebook Friends. At least 80% of these Facebook Friends are exotic bird owners.

Approximately March 2015 Mr Kiger started a LIVE call-in bird talk radio show known as: Bird Talk LIVE Online. The show includes Avian professionals and individual bird keepers as guest speakers sharing their experience on air benefiting millions of bird keepers internationally.


We rescued over 300 parrots after Hurricane Katrina hit with 65 volunteers including many Avian Veterinarians who helped us return many of the birds to their owners.
Donna Powell & Neal of 911 Parrot Alert-Baton Rouge, Louisiana
I had over 600 birds in my breeding operation. When Sky arrived at my door badly abused I became worried about who my birds I was selling were going to. I did not want even one of my birds being abused so I down sized my breeding operation and transformed it to a bird rescue.
Deb Thrift-New Wings Bird Rescue & Sanctuary, Ontario Canada
Macaws are very intelligent. Neurons are more densely packed than humans.
Craig Jones-Green Wing Macaw Experience
Parrots should be a part of the holidays and social events.
Jes Furhman-A Season To Squawk About
Our team works to rescue and rehabilitate injured birds. Last year we took in over 1100 birds.
Ian Martin-Florida Keys Wild Bird Center

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Hi! I am Mike Kiger. I hope you will join me in my effort to promote the enjoyment of pet birds, bird keeping and avian related products and services.

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