I Can Hear Your Heart!

I Can Hear Your Heart!

As a taxi driver in Kansas City for seven years I developed an ear for a person’s heart, intentions, character. Listening to people talk to me sitting behind me I could not see their facial expressions while they talk. Sort of like a blind person’s ear gets more tuned to sounds my ear became more tuned to the sound of a person’s voice sitting behind me. Their accent. I used to try to guess what region of the USA my customer was from by the sound of their voice.

About two years ago when I started hosting Bird Talk LIVE Online during the first LIVE show I realized that I could hear the guest speaker’s heart talking about her bird experience.

Since then I have always been excited to go LIVE on air as I know I am going to benefit from the guest speaker’s experience and have the beautiful opportunity to hear my guest speaker’s heart.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from KC Bird Whisperer International & Bird Talk LIVE Online!

YOUR host: Michael Kiger





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