Bird Talk LIVE Online is for the birds. For our feathered loved ones. 

Like Cesar Milan only we hope to help birds with people problems.

Our guest speakers are avian professionals, individual bird owners, operators of rescues, sanctuaries, pet stores, breeders and more.

Bird Talk LIVE Online is a central forum of avian information benefiting bird owners and avian professionals world wide.

We don’t take sides or take up causes. 

Bird Talk LIVE Online is a forum of ethical audio journalism presenting the facts. Allowing listeners to have their own thoughts and feelings.

We bring to a central forum of audio information sharing as much information about keeping pet birds as possible and let YOU the listener pick from this vast forum of discussions the information that benefits you.

KC Bird Whisperer International are dedicated to the enjoyment of pet birds.

I have for over 30 years since my first experience with Parrots as a bird salesman and bird groomer always wanted to contribute to helping bird owners be more successful with their birds so they don’t give up and send them to a rescue or shelter or re-home them.

Bird Talk LIVE Online is my way of contributing to the success of bird owners world wide.


Michael Kiger

CEO KC Bird Whisperer International


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