SEASON PASS Now Available For Premium Content

SEASON PASS Now Available For Premium Content

ENJOY Bird Talk LIVE Online premium content with a SEASON PASS access for one month or three months!

Bird Talk LIVE Online features Tony Silva sharing his extensive experience with Parrots for 43 years. Aviculturist and former curator at Loro Parque where they assembled the largest collection of Parrots in the world!

Tony talks about diet and why he does not feed Parrots fruit. How Parrots detoxify their digestive system. How Parrots contribute to forest growth and plenty of great information about foods and feeding.

In part two of the podcast show Tony talks about controlling Parrot aggression. Find out why wet foods trigger breeding urges. Controlling aggression by removing breeding areas. Why you should not stroke your Parrot’s tail and more!

ENJOY Bird Talk LIVE Online with Tony Silva now. Click here for your SEASON PASS.

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